Preventing Potential Hazards in Renewable Energy Workplaces

As we shift towards a sustainable green economy, it's becoming increasingly important to understand the occupational health and safety concerns of this industry's rapid expansion.

Ensuring Health and Safety in Electrical Restoration: The Role of Emergency Restoration Systems and Innovative Equipment and Components

Maintaining health and safety standards in industrial operations cannot be overstated. This is particularly true regarding electrical restoration tasks, with inherent risks and hazards. To mitigate these dangers and ensure the workforce's well-being, companies must invest in advanced equipment and tools that prioritize the safety of their teams. This article will explore the significance of Emergency Restoration Towers as a comprehensive solution for electrical restoration projects.

Utilities, EPC and Government Organizations in the Era of environmental crisis

The world is facing an unprecedented environmental crisis, with the consequences of human activities becoming increasingly evident. Moreover, the global environmental impact is not limited to a single industry or sector; it affects diverse industries, including utilities, EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) companies, civil engineering, and governments. In this article, we will explore the implications of environmental degradation on these sectors and discuss the urgent need for sustainable practices to mitigate the effects.

Uncovering the Impact of Floods on Industries: How Floods Can Cause Stress and Disruption

Flooding can be a devastating natural disaster that can cause significant stress and anxiety for individuals and communities. Industrial companies are not immune to the effects of flooding. They can face unique challenges in managing the stress caused by this event.

Advantages of Friction Stir Welding (FSW)

SBB expands its range of services by installing a Friction Stir Welding head.

Welding a more inclusive future

In this blog, we will discuss the importance of women's participation in the aluminium industry.

How to quickly restore a power line with ERS towers ? (Emergency Restoration System)

How to quickly replace electricity pylons which are damaged or under maintenance?

Power and Utility Industry Outlook

Power and Utility companies are undergoing radical transformations. New digital technologies, distributed renewable generation, and changing consumer expectations create a complex, competitive, and challenging energy world. As a result, power and Utility companies must develop new capabilities, different business models, and a collaborative mindset to survive.

What innovation really means?

In this non-stopping era, we've gotten familiar with concepts such as ground-breaking, trendy, and innovative. Creativity seems to be anywhere, and with it, innovation. All these big flashy concepts are part of our day-to-day vocabulary, and we have been using them without actually being able to define them. 


In this particular article, we will dive into the concept of one of our core values: Innovation. 

Why should everyone be talking about flood protection?

Floods are the most common type of natural catastrophe. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), between 1998 and 2017, floods affected more than two billion people around the world. 

As per the economic losses, according to the Global Natural Disaster Assessment Report (2020), the global economic losses caused by floods reach USD 51.457 billion. 

What is the future of Aluminium?

There is nothing typical about the past two years; no matter what industry you work in, we all relate to the struggles and uncertainty a pandemic brought to our lives. 

In our industry, experts agree that the short-term future looks challenging. However, this is not a cause of panic; it is an opportunity.



Work and family balance at SBB

Employee well-being is cultivated at SBB


SBB was a finalist for the Stellar Award in the Human Resources Management Initiatives category!

April was a good month for SBB!

On April 11, an external auditor from the Bureau of Normalization of Quebec conducted a maintenance audit at SBB

Why does SBB participate in trade shows?

2019 will be a very busy year for SBB's participation in trade shows. After being present in 3 major events the first 6 months of the year, trade shows are a big and important part of the SBB marketing strategy.

20th edition of the MercadOr

This 20th edition of the MercadOr allowed SBB Inc. to win a prestigious award: Leader in Exportation.

Winner of the " Prix reconnaissance conciliation travail-famille"

SBB, winner of the 10th edition of the Prix reconnaissance conciliation travail-famille 2018 for the 20 to 49 employees category.


The delegations visiting us in Blainville

Bolivia, Colombia, Scotland, India, Kenya and Nepal are all delegations who visited our factory in Blainville.


The Gala of ExCEPtionnels

During the 18th edition of the Gala of ExCEPtionnels organized by the Centre d'études professionnelle de Saint-Jérôme, SBB remitted prizes to students who excelled in their academics.


In 2017, the Government of Canada granted $250,000 in financial assistance to SBB. This contribution allowed us to acquire a new 4-axis CNC machine (Computer Numerical Control) which is now available at the factory of our head office.


For the past few years, SBB has been involved in the cause "Opération Père Noël". This cause allows abandoned or less fortunate children to have a magical moment on the morning of December 25th. Each SBB employee interested in the cause can contribute by giving a weekly amount on their pay. At the end of the year, all amounts are used to buy the gifts that the children asked for.