Blainville's knowledge exported to 57 countries

Interview with Patrick Gharzani in La Presse, which provides a complete and concise portrait of SBB: activities, projects and innovations.


Summary: Small interview in which Patrick Gharzani explains briefly the importance of aluminium for the emergency towers and the challenges that occur in the industry.

SBB: Winner at the 2017 Distinction Awards

Summary: Article that mentions the winners at the 2017 Distinction Awards. SBB has been awarded a prize for the category "professional/personal life balance - small and medium-sized companies".

SBB can complete a major expansion project

Summary: Press Release About the Government of Canada Financial Assistance of $ 250,000 to SBB to improve automation and production efficiency.

The ERS Emergency Tower Market is expanding

Summary: Article on SBB in the INMR magazine that explains how SBB organizes its deliveries to meet customer requirements.

ERS transmission lines - A quick and efficient solution

Summary: Article on SBB in the AL13 Magazine. This article describes the products and the training available to SBB customers.

Tricky business in Iraq

Summary: SBB management interview in The Press. The article is about the dangers that can derive from contracts in some countries such as Iraq.

SBB builds infrastructure in developing regions

Summary: Interview in the Exportwise of EDC. Patrick Gharzani presents challenges and advice regarding international export.