and equipment

The installation of a mast can be performed by an SBB certified team. We can also be in the field if required during a first installation to offer technical support.

The following tools are SBB specific and are required for the installation:

Sliding Ginpole (68Kg/150lbs, 5.5m/18ft)

The sliding ginpole is an aluminum tube that slides along the rails of the mast sections. It is used to lift each section with the help of a portable winch and a system of pulleys.

Using the sliding ginpole allows to bypass the use of a crane and facilitates installation in remote areas with difficult access (no heavy equipment to bring on the site).

Fall Arrest Device (1.5Kg/3lbs; 14cm/5.5")

The SBB Fall arrest device is CE certified and allows riggers to be constantly connected to the mast while climbing. It is attached to one of the rails on the corner of a section and allows to climb freely but will lock securely in place in case of a sudden fall

Alignment clamps (1Kg/2.2lbs)

These clamps allow proper alignment of the rails of each mast section while installing the mast. This alignment ensures that both the sliding ginpole and the Fall Arrest Device can be operated safely and efficiently

Portable Winch

A gasoline powered portable winch is used to help lift the sections during installation or dismantlement (photo & 2)

In addition the above listed tools, SBB can also supply any type of equipment that an installation team typically uses:

  • Cobra Combi (25Kg)
  • Tirfor Puller
  • Chain puller
  • Automatic grip (Chicago grip type)
  • Pulling Eye
  • Load cell