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The SBB ERS (Emergency Restoration System) towers are modular aluminum guyed structures. By establishing a temporary bypass of damaged towers, they can help quickly restore power on a power transmission line from 69kV to 1200kV.

When we designed the SBB system, we prioritized ease and speed for the installation. The aluminum base plate is laid directly on the ground and no other foundation is required. The ERS equipment is lightweight, compact and can be installed on all types of ground and all-weather conditions.

Delivered and stored in sea containers, our ERS towers are ready for action and will ensure safety and protection of your grid.

Like a set of Lego ® blocks, the versatility of the tower components allows you to recombine them to create various configurations to meet all needs (suspension tower to tension or to a terminal tower) and all situations (single circuit, double circuit, horizontal circuit, vertical or delta).