Securing a 400kV transmission line after a flood in India

In India, a 400kV transmission line connecting Raipur to Bhadravati was submerged in the main course of the river due to the flash flood. It has been decided to bypass both 400kV circuits using six SBB Emergency Restoration Systems.

An effective way of reconductoring a transmission line (Paraguay)

SBB was contacted by The national Electricity Administration to suggest a cost effective system that will improve the reconductoring with a minimum shutdown. In order to cover a bypass of 30 km on 2 different 220kV lines, SBB offered 2 lots of 79 ERS towers.

Flooding in Candelaria (Brazil)

The water level of the river crossing Candelaria in Brazil had increased dramatically and the power of the water flow pulled out the trees. Because of their previous purchase of SBB ERS, they were able to quickly mobilize the material to the site. 3 teams and 9 ERS towers were put up and within one week of work they were capable of restoring the power lines.

A new way of managing the construction of a substation (Ireland)

Northern Ireland Electricity had a project of adding a new substation to an existing 275kV double-circuit power line without affecting the power flow. Two SBB ERS towers were erected to bypass one 275 kV circuit around the site allowing the terminal tower construction to be carried out safely.

Limiting the costs of towers construction at a new substation (Scotland)

The Scottish and Southern Energy company (SSE) had to build a new 275kV towers. In order to do so, Norpower had to find a cost effective and secure way to bypass more than 500 meters construction site with a temporary line. This situation was an opportunity for SSE to see other possible applications of SBB Emergency Restoration System (ERS) that they acquired previously for crane applications.