These two devices, used in combination, are suggested for the installation of the SBB tower. First, the Ball-Joint Ginpole allows it to rotate in vertical position mast sections previously assembled on the ground. Then, the Sliding Ginpole, assisted by the Portable Winch, takes over until the tower's final height is reached. These steps follow:

  1. The Sliding Ginpole is hoisted to the top of the tower.
  2. A mast section is hoisted from the ground and installed at the top of the tower.
  3. The Sliding Ginpole is raised on the new section in place.
  4. Steps 2 and 3 are repeated until the desired height.

This technique allows excellent precision and is easily executed thanks to the lightness of each section. 

We recommend a minimum of six people, including:

  • One who oversees the installation
  • One who operates the Power Winch 
  • Two to prepare the sections to be lifted 
  • Two to install the sections in the tower

Ball-Joint Ginpole and Sliding Ginpole

See the installation video

First, this method requires the installation of the tower on the ground. Then, using a crane, the tower must be installed vertically on the Articulated Base. This installation technique requires sufficient space for the access of the crane. It can be advantageous in certain situations when it is necessary to quickly set up or remove a complete tower to reduce the power outage time.

This technique is used for sites that are inaccessible by other types of transport. In addition to bringing the material on site, the helicopter can be used to install the sections on the structure. With our SBB Alignment System, specially developed for this purpose, it is easier for the pilot and the linemen to approach and connect the sections.