fabrication and


SBB deploys its activity within a 30 000 sqft factory with 28 feet high ceiling:

  • Team of expert welders in TIG and MIG
  • 2 Fanuc robotic welding arms which can weld up to a radius of 3 meters, and in all directions thanks to their 6 axes of movement
  • Friction Stir Welding (FSW)
  • Overhead cranes with lifting capacities of up to 25 tons
  • Production of parts up to 12 meters long

SBB has also a machining departement, with perfect control of the entire production process, thanks to the following equipment:


** 4x 3-axis vertical milling machines

  • Manford D4112 (157"x 36“x 48") with a removable 4th axis
  • VMC 1000 (39"x 25"x 21")
  • VMC 830 (32"x 16"x 48”l)
  • Akira Seiki Dorado (16"x 14"x 12") on which 2 pieces can be worked simultaneously

** 1 lathe for turned parts up to 18" in diameter

  • John Ford SL-50 (22"x 18" Ø)

** 1 band saw for cutting with great precision

  • IcoCut (14"x 13")


We adapt our templates, our teams and our working methods to meet your special projects requirements.