Northern Ireland Electricity (NIE) had a project of adding a new substation to an existing 275 kV

double-circuit power line. This project included the erection of 2 new terminal towers to serve the new substation. 
NIE needed to ensure the availability of one circuit on the existing power line during the construction of the new terminal towers. Downtime of the complete power line was unacceptable at any time; otherwise, network security could be at risk.
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How to build a substation

without electrical


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The National Electricity Administration (ANDE) carried out a project to change the conductors on two transmission lines in Paraguay to increase the power capacity.

ANDE needed to do this process efficiently without interrupting the electricity or with a small outage window.

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Can the conductors be replaced

on your transmission lines

without causing outages?

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The river running through the small city of Candelaria flooded. The water levels rose dramatically, and the force of the water flow pulled down a significant portion of the transmission lines. Time and safety were the two biggest challenges for this project.

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Restore transmission lines

in the event of a flood

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