All sections have the same length, same width and use standard hardware. This makes them easily to pile up for transportation.

Standard dimension mast sections

Examples of projects

This means the sections are corrosion-free and don't require any maintenance during the 50 years lifespan of the mast. They are also easy to paint and very light (less than 135Kg/300lbs), which means they can be moved around a site by hand.

Aluminum Alloy

The SBB mast is very robust and its specific design makes climbing very intuitive and safe (unlike lattice structures). The CE certified integrated Fall Arrest Device is also critical to ensure safe climbing.


An SBB mast can be quickly and safely installed and dismantled an unlimited number of times by a team of 6 people and without any heavy equipment such as crane, etc. Moreover, our engineering team is able to supply signed and sealed drawings for the installation of each mast.

The rail system allows the use of CE certified Fall Arrest Device, as well as a sliding gimpole. Both of these tools allow the riggers to be constantly connected to the mast through a lifeline, without ever having to disconnect.