Training and

technical support

Global Training

For each installed tower, SBB provides to the customer 5 days field training and 3 days software training. The trainings are made in a way that provides our customers with a deep understanding of the software and the various methods for installation the tower on the field. To date, our team has conducted over 200 trainings worldwide, in many different environmental conditions, which gives us an experience no other ERS supplier can match.

Field training

The field training allows customers to practice the different methods of assembling and dismantling the tower. At the end of the training, the participants have the knowledge and the experience necessary to work safely and independently.

This training is structured beforehand to fit the customer's needs.

Software training

The software training provides an overview of the PLS-CADD LITE and the PLS-POLE LW + MAST softwares. During the training, customers learn about different emergency situations so they become familiar with the validation of the configurations. This knowledge allow them to become independent to validate any emergency scenarios.

Technical Support

We are happy to offer technical support to our customers to verify a solution, validate a configuration or answer a technical question. This free technical support does not have a validity period and will be offered as long as the customer uses our emergency towers. We are proud of the relationships we develop with our customers and we want to maintain these partnerships.

* For technical support for complex engineering projects, charges may apply.