Expert in welding for over 45 years, SBB was chosen by the Laval University to manufacture samples of bridges for mechanical testing. This project represents 11 different models for a total of 33 panels. Their dimensions extend up to 10m/33ft long and 2.5/8ft wide.
The complexity focused mainly on 2 challenges to be met :
1/ A V-shaped weld, 1 inch deep and 1 inch wide. This volume required the development of a deep groove welding technique over long distances.
2/ The very small tolerance margin in terms of flatness to be respected. The University designated it as its most critical design criterion. Therefore, the weld quality had to be extremely neat, knowing that the project totalized around 1600 weld passes.
With a 100% success rate in ultrasonic testing, our passion for excellence has paid off!
Ultimately, bridge decks in extruded aluminum have the advantage of being lightweight, waterproof, durable and require little maintenance. Thanks to its great capacity of resistance to heavy loads, and its adaptation to difficult environmental conditions, aluminum is a material in full development in the road infrastructure sector.

Manufacture of aluminum bridges and walkways for the Laval University

Since 2014, SBB has been working on a contract of 140 aluminum roofs for a light weight train, which is one of the main concerns of the transport industry.
The structures, called pavillions, are 2.5m/8ft wide and vary in length between 10m/33ft and 11.5/38ft. Each one weights 1300 kgs / 3000 lbs and is made of several extrusions. These pavillions must undergo various types of works such as machining, structural friction stir welding (FSW), secondary arc welding (MIG and TIG), as well as liquid-paint coating.
SBB has overcome the challenges of these unconventional sizes! The team exclusively dedicated to this project executed a series of tests to define the optimum parameters : welding speed, rotation speed, pressure, traction, bending capacity, and geometry of the tools. SBB also had to modify several of its North-American standards in order to adapt them to those of our European clients.
To ensure the 100% compliance of the rooms with the customer's tight specifications, X-Ray, ultrasonic, magnetic particle, and penetrating liquid inspections are performed on each pavillion.
SBB has never compromised in terms of quality and attention to detail given the importance of such values in the land transportation industry.

Fabrication of aluminum roofs for light rail wagons, the Citadis Spirit of Alstom in Ottawa