… can mobilize to help you find standard parts, that are readily available on the market and compatible with your project, thanks to our network of both canadian and international partners.

Rather than manufacturing everything from scratch, there may already be low-cost, high-quality sub-components that can be quickly delivered, with a beneficial impact on your budget and deadlines. By integrating them into the manufacturing of your final product, SBB helps you focus your efforts on your core competencies to maximize value.

As an ISO certified company, we closely monitor the quality system of our suppliers. Our philosophy is to maintain long-term relationships and trust, in order to guarantee the quality and responsiveness of our supplies of raw material or components.


… can deliver your product in Canada and around the world. We handle International Letters of Credit and manage a variety of payment methods, locally or internationally.

Prices and shipping conditions are negociated in order to find the best balance between cost and reliability.

Need special equipment to take into account the specifics of your concept? We analyze all parameters for your specific needs and find the right solution.