… is specialized in the civil, mechanical and industrial fields. They can analyze and suggest optimizations for your extrusion designs. Adapted, even simplified and standardized shapes are modeled in 3D and then submitted for your approval thus facilitating the fabrication of your concept.

In fact, the more parts there are in a concept, the greater the complexity of assembly and manufacture, which has consequences on the production output and cost.

Our experts conceptualize scalable forms of extrusion, even groupings of components, always in line with your objective.  In some cases, simply regrouping or recombining specific parts is all that is required, therefore gaining efficiency, while cutting costs and saving time.

We also adapt our tools and manufacturing methods to achieve the best results.


«  At the design stage, only 8% of a product’s development costs are incurred. But during this same period, design will have determined 80% of fabrication costs. » Michel Veilleux, Director of Engineering


  • Choice of the best material to use
  • Advice on the dimensions and configuration of the project, taking into account your goals, accelererated production and facilitated transport
  • Assessment of the impact of welds on the appearance and quality of the manufactured product, and setting of the optimal welding methods to comply with the final concept
  • Simulation to predict the interfering parts on an assembly, in order to avoid the fabrication of non-viable concepts
  • Modeling to simulate the forces generated on the parts and thus determine the permitted capacities of the model until its failure, based on finite element calculations and the properties of the materials used.