For the past few years, SBB has been involved in the cause "Opération Père Noël". This cause allows abandoned or less fortunate children to have a magical moment on the morning of December 25th. Each SBB employee interested in the cause can contribute by giving a weekly amount on their pay. At the end of the year, all amounts are used to buy the gifts that the children asked for.


Key steps for happy children:

  1. At the end of November. SBB receives all the children’s letters written to Santa Claus.
  2. We post on the wall of the cafeteria all the letters received so that all the employees are aware of the cause and can concretely see for what they have contributed throughout the year.
  3. Afterwards, we have about 2 weeks to collect as many items as possible from the children’s list. Everyday counts! Round trip to the shopping center, intensive online shopping to find the best discounts possible, visits to the liquidation warehouses. The more sales we find, the more gifts we can buy and the more children we can make smile.
  4. Once all the gifts are purchased, it's time to pack them up! Luckily, SBB has little elves (the employees) who are very hardworking and dedicated.
  5. When everything is packed and well identified, "Opération Père Noël" takes care of collecting all the gifts and then distributing them to the children concerned.

This year, with over 50 gifts purchased, 9 children will have the chance to unwrap their presents on Christmas morning and believe in the magic of Christmas.

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