The delegations visiting us in Blainville

Bolivia, Colombia, Scotland, India, Kenya and Nepal are all delegations who visited our factory in Blainville.

Throughout the manufacturing process of a project, our customers can come at any time to audit us. In most cases, they plan their visit to inspect the equipment once order is complete and just before shipping it out.

Before proceeding with the tests, we offer a detailed visit of our factory and departments, including our certifications and quality plan.

The components of our ERS towers are regularly tested in accordance with the IEEE 1070-2006 guide and the IEC 61284 standards. They have been designed according to applicable national standards.

The main objective during clients’ visits is to demonstrate that we surpass the highest standards of the industry.

The tests attended under our clients’ supervision are the Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) which include:

  • Compression of sections
  • Bending of sections
  • Torsion of sections
  • Combined Compression and bending of sections
  • Ultimate bending - bolts / welds
  • Load test on Guy Wires attachment (Universal Bracket)
  • Ultimate capacity test on bolt and nut assemblies
  • Buckling test on sections
  • Compression test on the Articulated Base
  • Transverse test of the Articulated Base
  • Capacity validation test
  • Dimensional test

We are very proud to be able to demonstrate that these results are in compliance with the IEEE 1070 standard, and that in most cases they surpass them.

We also assure a complete support to our client, from receipt of the order, during their visit at our premises, until delivery of the goods and even beyond training. Their satisfaction is our nr. 1 priority.


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