Why does SBB participate in trade shows?

2019 will be a very busy year for SBB's participation in trade shows. After being present in 3 major events the first 6 months of the year, trade shows are a big and important part of the SBB marketing strategy.

Trade show exposure represents admittedly an investment, but the benefits related to these events are considerable for SME’s like SBB who are exporting worldwide. 

Here are a few examples:

1. Strengthen our network

  • In just a few days, these trade shows are gathering thousands of professionals all coming from similar fields of activity. This allows us to meet a maximum of actual customers or prospects in a minimum of time and to exchange with potential business partners.
  • New countries to exhibit in can also be a smart approach for SBB to not only present its array of products and services but also attract local partners' interest.


2. Collect information about our market

  • Participating in trade shows brings us lots of information on our field of activity. Often focused on a specific theme, trade shows helps us stay informed about new market products and services as well as new trends of the industry.
  • Products and services offered by competition during these shows are also of our interest.By understanding competitors' products and services, our goal is to constantly innovate in order to find the best possible solutions for our clients.


3. Increase our brand image

  • During trade shows, we make sure the space we occupy displays our colours and identity. Displaying a personalized booth with posters, documentation, etc, contributes to show participants who we are, our advantages and what sets us apart from the competition.


We would be very happy to meet you at one of the following upcoming trade shows :

  • IEEE GTD Asia from March 21st to 23rd at BITEC in Bangkok, Thailand
  • GRIDTECH 2019 from April 3rd to 5th at the ITPO in Delhi, India
  • AFRICAN UTILITY WEEK May 14-16 at the Cape Town Convention Center in South Africa