Work and family balance at SBB

Recently, SBB had the pleasure of receiving a mention for its achievements of work-family balance. This mention was made by Coco-Boulot, a new project in the Laurentians "to demonstrate the importance of building together a good balance in terms of work-family relationships", and for this we thank them.

This topic is the focus of attention within the company, and according to our 2019 internal survey, 96% of SBB employees believe that their workplace effectively balances work and personal life.


Promoting well-being in the office as well as in the factory is part of our lifestyle : Patrick Gharzani is attentive to the notion of leasure at work. It is essential for him to be able to concentrate without having to fret about daily litthle personal worries. Being he himself a father, he understands the importance that this balance has on his serenity and quality of life.

"In my career, I have always favored flexibility and autonomy. Today, more than ever, I remain convinced that we are closer to happiness throught global work balance rather than only money".

Satisfaction and motivation are inextricably linked, and our internal survey reveals that 92% of employees appreciate their job. It is a virtuous circle that we wish to cultivate because it allows better resistance to stress, it gives energy and enjoyment when investing in projects and creates a cohesive group connection. Ultimetely, customer satisfaction is also improved.

Finally, as an SME, the stability of our employees is a success key factor. We promote a relaxed and positive team spirit, in order to calmly tackle all the international challenges that we face on a daily basis.

Therefore, in 2020, SBB began an in-depth reflection on the employee experience, which we believe is closely linked to the customer experience.

Our greatest wealth is our team and the mutual trust that we share.


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