Winner of the " Prix reconnaissance conciliation travail-famille"

SBB, winner of the 10th edition of the Prix reconnaissance conciliation travail-famille 2018 for the 20 to 49 employees category.

This is during the evening of June 8th 2018 and amongst the finalists present in its category, that SBB has been awarded Laureate. The event was held as part of the Gala ‘’Les Grands prix de la relève d’affaires’’ of the Regroupement des jeunes chambres de commerce du Québec (RJCCQ).

For several years now, SBB has been conducting surveys among its employees to learn more about their priorities and personal needs. The results of the latest survey revealed that the majority of employees need time to take care of their young children or their elderly parents, and that it is extremely important for them to have a good balance between work and family time.

Some of the company's practices were then revised so that the employees could have more time and flexibility for their family and personal needs.

Extra personal days have been added to SBB's employee program, giving more time off at their disposal.

SBB's will to promote a healthy lifestyle became reality when the company moved from Terrebonne to Blainville. A gym area is now part of the new building's asset, giving its employees more time for training at their workplace so they can avoid unnecessary travel.

SBB's employees also appreciate the complete insurance plan along with a summer schedule for them to enjoy their long weekends.

SBB is honoured to have received this award, which is a collaboration between the Ministère de la Famille and the RJCCQ. Since 10 years now, these two entities are publicly recognizing the commitment of companies and organizations who promote a work and family balance. The purpose of the Recognition Award is to encourage organizations to follow innovative examples in this regard.


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