Find solutions to help you safeguard the integrity of your power grid and manage the costly consequences of a natural disaster on your grid. We will also discuss solutions to help improve the efficiency and reduce the cost of your planned outages, whether for construction or maintenance work on your lines.

This webinar will cover the following topics:

Definition : What is an ERS system and how it helps temporarily replace or support damaged towers on your grid?

Use : How an ERS tower can save you time and money?

Operation : How it can be installed and in which situations it can be helpful?

Advantages : Why is it an easy, reliable, versatile and safe solution ?


In 45 minutes, Eng. Martin Lavergne will present an overview of ERS towers. Martin has been an ERS expert for over 12 years, and he will share with you his field experience acquired on several continents.


December 2, 2020 : 7 :00 am EST / 1 :00 pm CET / 4 :30 pm IST

We will confirm the exact schedule for your geographic area by e-mail.

Duration : 1 hour including a Q&A session

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Your power transmission towers are damaged or you need to create a temporary bypass for a construction project?

ERS emergency towers are the solution