Our flood protection system has a convenient height of  3.2 ft ( 1 m) above the water.

It was conceived to withstand increased loads (waves, currents, debris, etc. )


Effective and

Reliable System

Description of our tests

We created this system knowing that it might be implemented before or at the beginning of a stressful situation. That is why our system:

  • It's lightweight and has simple elements a single person can manipulate.
  • It doesn't require tools. The components snap together in seconds.
  • 2-3 people can deploy a 100 m flood barrier in less than an hour.



Lightweight materials and innovative design make the product stackable and easy to store.

You can store them in one or more containers that you can place near your emergency areas for convenience. A barrier of 200 metres can, for example, be stored in a 20 ft cargo container.



Regardless of the ground conditions: mud, sand, gravel, ice, snow, asphalt, or temperature, the barriers remain stable and functional.

Unlike sand flood solutions that freeze, aluminum remains effective even in harsh weather conditions.


And All-Weather

Our flood barriers are constructed of a marine-grade aluminum alloy that won't rust even in the presence of saltwater. In other words, the barriers are virtually indestructible.

Additionally, after minimal cleaning and warehouse storage, the structure can be reused dozens of times. As a result, your initial investment will prove to be profitable in the long run.


and durability