Join us for our webinar on December 2! Usefulness and benefits of ERS towers

Your transmission lines are impacted by a natural disaster, construction work or necessary maintenance? Overcome this issue with ERS modular towers.

You work in the power transmission sector? Your grid must guarantee continuous power supply to people, businesses and public services?

4 events can generate a power interruption on your grid:

1/ Towers that were damaged by a natural disaster such as a storm or typhoon, a flood or any other extreme weather related event.

2/ Towers that were damaged because of their age or because of acts of vandalism (theft, sabotage, etc.)

3/ Towers that are under maintenance to be repaired or reinforced.

4/ Construction work that force your teams to create temporary deviations of your line : highway, new railroad, new factory, new residential area, etc.

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The solution ?

Keeping ERS towers in inventory would allow you to restore power in a few hours or to schedule a short outage to bypass a construction area.

Find out how this reliable and reusable system can help you save time and money while reducing your stress level.


Our webinar will allow you to understand what ERS towers are, how they can help you better deal with outages and what their advantages are : cost efficient, easy to install, rugged, versatile and safe. A complete overview of emergency towers!





Eng. Martin Lavergne, who will present the webinar, has been working on ERS projects for over 12 years. He designs ERS configurations and conducts both software and field training all over the world.


Date : December 2, 2020

Time suitable for all continents : 7 :00 AM ET / 1 :00 PM CET / 4 :30 PM IST

Duration : 1 hour, including a Q&A session