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Our aluminum modular towers, also called emergency towers are of utmost importance to power utilities and Transmission System Operators (TSO). They allow to quickly restore power by creating a temporary bypass around transmission lines damaged by natural events (hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, etc) or by human acts (terrorism, sabotage, accidents, etc).

These towers also allow to minimize power outages during scheduled maintenance on the transmission lines.

The complete system was designed and tested to ensure a simple, quick and safe installation. Users are able to restore power on their lines in a few hours/few days instead of a few weeks.

Emergency towers


Our towers are also used as met masts to measure and analyze the wind production potential of future wind farms sites or to confirm previous data projections of existing sites. Our masts are extremely robust and can resist temperature changes in extreme climates (ice, wind, extreme heat, highly corrosive environments). They also allow developers to measure the wind at heights up to 125 meters/400 ft.



Wind measurement towers

Other aluminum structures

We are also able to support customers with the manufacturing of large size custom products made of aluminum extrusions such as railway car components that we have been manufacturing since 2014.


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We take to heart the quality of our products.

We are certified ISO 9001:2015 and CSA W47.2 and our products comply with various international standards such as IEC and IEEE. Moreover, to maintain the quality and reliability of our products, our Quality inspection team and our R&D specialists continuously conduct tests that are often witnessed by customers. We also conduct more formal tests at outside facilities such as Polytechnic School of Montreal and Canadian National Research Council (CNRC).